Why You Only Mad About Leo?

I just came across an article about Leonardo DiCaprios new movie where he will play a person with multiple personality disorder. The article then went on to discuss could this be the movie that finally gets Leo an Oscar…

Did I miss something? Why do we care so much about him never winning? Why is it we care only about Leo?

It’s actually quite annoying! Honestly it’s an honor to be nominated…they get a pretty swag gift bag from what I hear!

So while you’re out there complaining about that I want to remind you of some other people who haven’t won an Academy Award! Continue reading


The Problem With Award Shows

I’ve been watching Award shows since I was little…

and since I was little they’ve managed to piss me off!

So why not try and help fix the problem?

Here are my 10 ways to fix awards shows!

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Meet Oscar!


Isn’t he beautiful! What I wouldn’t give to hold that coveted award in my hands. I mean I would probably steal one of Meryl’s if she ever invited me over for tea. Is that an Oscar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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PFT: The Beginning

The love affair with Lynn began while working on the show Blur. She was the worst stage hand ever!(except not really, she was a really hard worker her name just wasn’t Acacia) I watched her work hard and fight when accused of not working hard enough. I thought to myself…’This Bitch!’

I loved her. We discovered we enjoy the same sick, dirty, sexual sense of humor and touching.

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It’s funny how quickly things can change. Like me for example, it’s hard to imagine that only moments ago I was a living breathing human being. You see that lump on the floor over there is me; I’ll get to how I died later for now I want to leave my legacy. I guess death is something that we tend to runaway from, the idea of it especially the reality of it. Had I known that this morning when I woke up that I would be dead in only a few short hours I suppose I would have done things, well differently. I would have told my loved ones that I love them. Would have only taken a few minutes, I suppose its something that I could have done everyday. A phone call, a text, an email, such small insignificant things that could help people with grief. So for that I am sorry, sorry for not letting people know how I felt about them before the end, my end.

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Why I Speech!

While that may seem like the wrong word perhaps I should have said ‘Why I Speak’ it’s not. I’m referring to why I still help with the speech team at GCHS. Although it’s been ten years since I was a senior at Granite it’s still always a surprise.

It’s nice that Quiggs has me as one of her go to people for judging and helping to coach the kids who want to do better. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have wanted me too.

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